Indian Mandap Design

Indian Mandap Design Significances & Role of an Event Management Company

Of late, Indian decoration and mandap hire companies are becoming more and more popular in Australia and Sydney is no exception. The main reason being, a competent event management company is Sydney that has the expertise of coming up with the Indian decoration and mandap hire service, with the Indian way of thinking – and that makes all the difference. Here on this page, let us discuss the significance of the Indian decoration and mandap designs that these companies come up with.

Designs That Signify Transformation to the Next Stage of Life

If you notice typical Indian mandaps, you will find that almost all of them are supported by four pillars at the four corners. They signify the four stages of an Indian’s life according to Indian Mythologies. Furthermore, these four pillars also signify the four most important aspects of human life – religion, money, emotion and objective.

The Canopy that Signifies the Nature and the Universe

Another typical character of the Indian mandaps are the elaborative canopies. The canopy of a typical Indian Mandap will represent the universe we are living in and the heaven above that gives shelter. These canopies may be of various shapes, shades and forms but they all represent the universe in some way or the other. When you put stakes on an Indian decoration and mandap hire service provider in Wollongong or elsewhere near Sydney, it is all about picking the one that has a clear vision and idea about these finer points.

The Balance between Decorative Elements Signifies Balance of Life

Another amazing aspect of these Indian mandaps is the balance between the various decorative elements – flowers, decorative props, and the likes. They signify the balance between the mind, body and spirit that leads to a healthier and finer living with peace and tranquility.

If these have been the major significance of the Indian Mandap design that a qualified professional will always stick to, there are some other aspects as well.

They Opt for a Decoration that is very much Indian

When you hire a reputed professional company that offers event management service in Sydney you must ensure that they come up with a decoration that is very much Indian in essence. It will help you have an aesthetic essence that is very much Indian and look and feel – something that will support the mood and the ambience of the mandap.

They Have A Good Understanding of a Mood that is Very Much Indian

This is another highly critical aspect that the Indian decoration and mandap design demand – something that your Sydney event management professionals have to abide by. The decoration and the mandap design they come up with, and the ambience they set up thereby have to be very much Indian so that your desire to host a wedding or any other event that is Indian Is look and feel is fulfilled to the fullest.

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