Flowers To Decorate Wedding Venues

How Event Planners Use Flowers To Decorate Wedding Venues Creatively?

Wedding planners decorate the venues with care. For this, they use flowers along with many other decorative elements. However, they use flowers innovatively so that the entire venue looks gorgeous. Basically, the trick here is to use different types of flowers at different places that instantly catch the eye.

Here, we will discuss the methods that they follow to decorate the location. And if you want to add grandeur to your wedding too, better call the best wedding event organizers in Sydney.

  • Scattering the Flowers on the Mandap

Scattering the Flowers on the Mandap

Considering it is an Indian style wedding where the bride and her husband will get married in the central platform called the Mandap, the wedding planners will scatter flowers all over the place to make it look astounding.

They will mostly be using rose petals as this flower is highly valued and respected in Indian culture. But if the wedding is not of the Indian style and involves walking down the aisle, the planners will scatter flowers on the aisle to make the place look serene and elegant.

However, here, they will mostly use white flowers as they will match the wedding gown of the bride.

  • Flowers on the Tables

Flowers on the Tables

Centrepieces are used to decorate the reception tables. But along with the centrepieces, the wedding planners in Sydney also use flowers of different colours.

Though it is a simple way of decorating the venue, it still looks great. Moreover, to make the decoration process affordable, artificial flowers are sometimes used by the organisers.

  • Adding Flowers On The Wedding Gown

Adding Flowers On The Wedding Gown

This is an optional method but can add wonders. Including white flowers on the wedding gown can make the dress and the bride look beautiful. However, as we mentioned, this depends on the dress and is possible only if the bride desires.

  • A Flowery Entrance Gate

A Flowery Entrance Gate

Be it the Indian type of wedding or any other style, adding a gate of flowers on the venue entrance will enthral all the guests. So, this is what the wedding decorators in Sydney do.

They build the gate with vibrant flowers so that it quickly catches the attention of the guests. However, this type of decoration is mostly seen in Indian weddings.

For other weddings, a decoration in the middle of the garden or a flowery backdrop is more common.

  • Adding Decorative Elements that Include Flowers

Adding Decorative Elements that Include Flowers


The good thing about flowers is that they can be used in any way one wants, especially when it comes to decorating event venues.

So, the wedding planners sometimes include small flowers to the decorative elements that they attach or hang on the wall. This truly adds appeal to the venue.

  • Flowers on the Draperies

Adding Decorative Elements that Include Flowers

Wedding organisers will include draperies to make the wedding venue look glamorous. And to make them stand out, they might add a string of flowers that runs from one end to the other.

This is indeed a creative look and gracefully builds up the wedding atmosphere.

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