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Wedding Decoration Styles Expected To Take 2022 by Storm

This New Year, wedding events will see a change of decoration styles. Along with the conventional styles, you can expect to see modern styles that will add the oomph factor to the event. No matter the type of wedding it is, experimentations will be in done in full done by the organisers to make the ceremonies memorable.

You can expect to see these innovations in Sydney besides other cities. But if you are wondering about the styles that you might see in 2022, follow the points mentioned here.

1) Collage Type Backgrounds

This is a simple but elegant style that the destination wedding event planners in Sydney are looking forward to implementing. As you can clearly assume, the wedding venue will be full of collages developed consisting of the photos of the groom and the wife-to-be. But the collages can comprise abstract designs as well. With lights and flowers, the entire venue will look surreal.

2) Play of Creepers

The inclusion of plants is not something new in wedding decorations. But in 2022, you can expect a lot of creepers to be used in the wedding venue by the event planners. Some of them will be real and the rest will be artificial. What’s more, the artificial ones will comprise lights that will change colours.

The creepers will be hung from the ceiling and will be attached to the pillars on the venue just like plants. And when they will are lit up, the entire venue will look awe-inspiring.

3) Usage of Wood and Single-Coloured Draperies

Draperies, like flowers, have long been used to decorate wedding venues. But in the New Year, they will mostly be used with structures having wooden texture. This will give the wedding venue a medieval-type look. Also, the decoration organisers in Sydney will mostly be using single-coloured draperies that accentuate the other decorative elements such as tables, centrepieces, floral designs, etc. to give the venue a royal look.

4) Usage of Trendy Chandeliers

Classic chandeliers in wedding ceremonies are always a favourite of all. But in 2022, you can expect a shift of style from the traditional ones. In the New Year, professionals are looking towards using trendy chandeliers that look modern.

You can expect multi-coloured chandeliers or even those that comprise lights that change colours. With these, you can expect extended chandeliers where the ceiling will have one main light in the centre with several small chandeliers spread across the ceiling.

5) Fashionable Wedding Stages

The wedding event decorators in Sydney are looking towards using stylish stages that will give a new meaning to the venue.

Since the wedding stage is always the centre of attraction, the decorators will make them stand out from the rest. For that, they will use lights on the base or even LED screens where the ceremony will be displayed.

6) Combination of Modern and Traditional Styles

The wedding decoration organisers will blend modern and traditional styles to make the venue look unique. To date, contemporary and conventional designs weren’t amalgamated much. But in 2022, seamless combinations will be tried by the decorators to make the wedding venue look astounding.

These are some of the styles that can be expected in 2022. But apart from these, there will other styles too which we will be discussing later.

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