Wedding Backdrop Hire

The Most Innovative Wedding and Party Backdrop Concepts that You Will Love

The backdrops of wedding parties play an extremely pivotal role in setting the right ambience and set the ball of celebrations, fun and frolics rolling. Thus, when it comes to choosing the backdrop for your wedding party, you have to be cautious. Now, the trends and the styles of these parties change with time. Therefore, if you are to add a chic and contemporary look and feel to your party, you need to hire the best wedding and party backdrop hire specialist in Sydney, who would come up with the right solution that will meet your needs and satisfy your aesthetic aspirations. The specialists of these companies are well aware of the present trends and will lend you some ideas about the trendiest backdrops that are making news at present. Here on this page, let us discuss some of the best contemporary backgrounds.

The Deco-Style Arch Backdrops

These are pretty simplistic yet highly aristocratic backdrops with a somewhat retro looking tinge. It comes with an arch with a pair of colours – one dormant or secondary and the other dominant or primary. Now you have the liberty of choosing the colours as per the theme and your choice. The arch is overtly complimented by some foliage and flowers at the two sides, giving the entire ambience a somewhat retro look and feel. Surely, it is one of the nicest simplistic backdrops for weddings you could have imagined.

Electric Signs

Surely, it is another eye catching backdrop that is not only contemporary but highly sophisticated as well. It’s simplistic as well and it does not take much except for the installation of a meshwork of wire that supports the electric signs that can be custom made as per your wish. Though while is the general trend of shade to go for, in this set up, you can always vouch for other shades as per your needs and preferences. The idea is to match the backdrop and its look and feel with that of wedding centerpieces that you have hired for the event. Thus, when you hire wedding centerpieces in Sydney, ensure that they gel with this or any other backdrop.

Geometric Backdrops

Well, this is the new thing and one of the most favourite minimalist backdrops. It contains nothing, but some weird, yet innovative shapes that will add all that is needed to create the right ambience. These backdrops come up with matching lighting, which will make all the difference to the ambience. Generally, these backgrounds come with props like artificial feather arcs, a flower vase or at times a statuette to complete the silhouette.

Grounded Arcs

This is the more innovative avatar of the geometrical arcs with the difference being, they are grounded and are more elaborate and generally come in floral forms. These arcs come in the form of bushes and shrubs that are spread over a relatively vast area, thus creating a natural looking background. This is fit for wedding venues that come with a sprawling space. Pebbles and designer artificial moss layers are used to add a more natural tinge to these backgrounds.

Thus you see, these are some of the most innovative and contemporary backgrounds used in weddings these days. To get them, you need to hire a quality event management company that has such in-depth knowledge. What better name can you opt for than A Royaale Event if you are in Sydney? Call us now to know more at 449966721.