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Some Trendy Wedding and Party Backdrop Ideas You Should Know

To make a party or a wedding look fabulous, the decoration has to be perfect. So, for the decoration to be attractive, we will give you some trendy backdrop ideas today. You can easily hire these backdrops from a reputed event management company. Moreover, these backdrops will also be a good fit for mehndi sangeet ceremonies.

So, let us take a look at the ideas now.

1) Backdrops Made with Linens

Backdrops made with linens always look classy and trendy. However, the linen backdrops suit the wedding ceremonies best and most of these designed backdrops are white in colour. However, if you are looking for a party backdrop hire, choose anything other than white such as maroon or red.

Now, if you are still confused, consult with a company that provides wedding and party backdrop hire in Sydney as they will give you the right guidance related to the backdrop hire.

2) Backdrops Made with Ropes

These backdrops look alluring and have now become one of the most popular in Sydney and in the suburbs nearby.

In this style, the backdrops are made with colourful fabric that is hanged on ropes, and to make them more alluring, sometimes lights are also used. Another reason why these backdrops have become so popular is that these suit well on the parties too.

3) Circular Designs with Colourful Ribbons

A new trend that can be seen nowadays is weddings and parties is backdrops made with ribbons. These ribbons are attached on a flat and colourful surface bearing unique textures.

Another advantage is that if you are going for a themed wedding or party, you can get matching centerpieces from companies that provide wedding centerpieces for hire.

4) Backdrops Made with Balloons

Earlier, backdrops made with balloons were seen mostly at birthday parties. But now, backdrops made with balloons are also used in weddings though not in parties.

For developing the backdrops for weddings, balloons of a single colour (preferably white) is used.

5) Floral Backdrops

Floral backdrops are always popular especially at weddings because a lot of designs can be developed using flowers. Moreover, the floral backgrounds are best for Asian style weddings too. So, if you are planning a mehndi sangeet decor in Sydney, adding these floral backdrops is always a good idea.

6) Geometric Designs

These are the new backdrop additions for parties and weddings. As you can guess already, these backdrops will have lots of geometric patterns on them that makes them look alluring. So, if you are planning to give the wedding or the party a new look, including these backdrops is a must.

7) Flat Designs

Did you think that flat designs are now out of style? Well, you are wrong. Backdrops that have flat designs look elegant and are hence used at wedding ceremonies at large.

However, nowadays these are also included in the parties that uplifts the mood.

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