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Pandemic Friendly Trends in Affordable Wedding Styling in Sydney

The COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping events. Among these, the wedding is one of the most important events where a lot of new pandemic-friendly trends can be noticed. Wedding stylists in Sydney and several parts of Australia are following these trends to make the event lively and fun for the bridegroom and the wife-to-be. So, let’s check out a few pandemic-friendly trends that you can follow to make your wedding event look amazing.

Affordable Wedding Styling Sydney
Affordable Wedding Styling Sydney

Floral Decorations

Flowers are a part of any wedding but now several event planners are using dried flowers to enhance the beauty of the ceremony. Though these were never used in conventional weddings, they are now used to make the wedding spectacular.

Since reducing environmental impact is important as the day to day carbon footprint rises, event planners are using recyclable items like dried flowers for decorative purposes. One can create a variety of designs with these flowers due to their stiffness that can make the wedding look enticing. Many planners in Sydney are also using plants such as pampas grass to create unique designs that look really appealing.

So, before you hire wedding event styling and decor in Sydney, make sure that they follow this trend to make the event environment-friendly.

Designs Made of Straw

Straw based designs are also trending at present since these are environment-friendly. These types of natural décor make the ceremonies look elegant for which wedding planners are using them at large.

Designs made with straw gives a classic feel to the weddings. Paired with dried flowers, they add a homely feel to the ceremony. And since simple and minimalistic designs can be made from straw, it has become a very popular trend at present.

Decorating with Roses

A fully opened bouquet of roses is always a favourite of the couples, especially the brides. During the pandemic period using fully opened rose petals and a few decorative elements are making the wedding ceremonies look fabulous. So, when you are talking to the wedding decoration hire in Sydney ask them if they will be using roses as it has been always used as a symbol of love and revival. Moreover, during the time of the pandemic, decorations made with roses will give new hopes to the couple. Some of the popular colours used in decorative elements made of roses are soft pink, white, and light peach.

Using Varying Colours

Colourful wedding themes are always popular with millennials. This new-age trend emphasizes the usage of varying colours and designs for weddings as well as other parties. Peppy colours are the new style statement for which coloured themes are used in affordable wedding styling in Sydney, mainly for the Millenials.

However, Generation X at present is also investing in the colourful wedding trend to make the event a memorable one during the pandemic. Using varying colours no doubt makes an event energetic and motivating.

Planning a Trendy Wedding Ceremony? Let Us Do the Decoration for You

If you are planning to hire wedding event styling and decor in Sydney to make the event lively and fun during the pandemic, we are the right choice for you. At A Royaale Event, we follow the modern wedding decoration trends to add elegance to a wedding and make it a memorable one. So call us today for queries or an appointment.