Royal Indian Wedding Decoration

Mistakes You Must Avoid in a Royal Indian Wedding Decoration at an Indian wedding has to be perfect. Since a lot of detailing goes to decorating the venue and some of which have even deep-rooted cultural meanings, the decorator needs to avoid common mistakes at all costs.

So, let us now give you a glimpse of some of the mistakes to avoid in a royal Indian wedding decoration in Sydney.

1) Unsynchronised Colours

Whenever there is an Indian wedding, you need to make sure that the colour themes you use are soothing to the eyes. In Indian weddings, red and pink are used a lot. But, for instance, if you include a red or pink backdrop that matches the colour of the bridal dress, it will look boring and unattractive. So, by all means, avoid this mistake.

In the decoration, the colour of the backdrop needs should be such that it highlights the clothes of the bridegroom as well as the guests. Hence, choosing the appropriate colours is very important.

Apart from the backdrop, other items such as the flowers, drapes, furniture, dinner tables, etc. need to be perfectly in sync to give an elegant feel.

2) DIY Decor

When it comes to an Indian wedding, never try to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) as Indian wedding decorations are always intricate. And if you miss to decorate a point or put in the wrong design, everything might look unattractive. So, it is always necessary to hire Indian Wedding Planners and Decorators in Sydney who has the necessary experience of getting everything right.

Another disadvantage of DIY d├ęcor is that it can be very taxing and still might not be perfect, especially if you want to do it by yourself. Therefore, the only solution is to hire professionals to make your job easy.

3) Not Allocating the Budget

Many wedding organisers from the family do not plan the decoration and neither do they allocate the budget. They always leave everything for the last moment which leads to confusion and problems related to the decoration as well as other things. So, it is always important that you go to an Indian wedding decoration hire. The professionals will not only plan the entire wedding decoration but also organize the catering and other services that are required for the event to become successful.

4) No Idea of Decorating Different Venues

Many decorators do not possess the necessary skills of decorating different venues. They might be experienced, but their experience is limited only to certain types of venues. So, since the decoration of a wedding venue is important and needs to be perfect, you should hire a company that has the relevant experience of decorating different types of venues mainly for an Indian wedding.

5) Not Utilizing the Available Resources

This is a mistake that is mostly made by amateur decorators. They have a limited idea of using flowers, lights, and drapes. So, they overuse these things in one or two areas which make the decoration look clumsy and unprofessional. So, it is always a good idea to contact professionals to set up Indian wedding decorations in Sydney in a planned way.

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