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How Wedding Event Planners Organise Venue Decorations Effectively?

To decorate a wedding venue, you will need to hire event planners since they always do the needful in an organised manner. But if you are wondering how they decorate the venue systematically, you will need to go through the points that we have discussed here. Also, after getting the basic idea, you can prepare a list of questions that you should be asking the event planners before hiring them in Sydney or Newcastle.

Now, let us see the decoration procedures that they follow.

1) Listening to Your Ideas

The decorators in a reputed event management company in Sydney or Newcastle will firstly ask you about how you want to see the place decorated. Then, if you have any décor ideas, you can provide them with the same, and they will try to establish that. But if you don’t have any idea, you can leave it to them, and if that is the case, they will start the decoration planning.

2) Inspecting the Venue

To complete the decoration planning, the wedding planners will inspect the venue. This will give them an idea of how big the place is and what kind of arrangements they will require to transform the place. Then, based on the venue, they will arrange the flowers, drapes, centrepieces, chairs, tables, etc. Also, when inspecting the venue, they will create a checklist of the items required and how to decorate certain areas.

3) Starting the Decoration on Time

Wedding event planners always start the decoration of the venue a few days before the day of the event. This helps them to decorate the venue smoothly and without making mistakes. Also, after completing the decoration, they will check the venue to ensure that all the areas have been properly decorated.

4) Decorating in Teams

The event party planners and decorators in Newcastle or Sydney will decorate the entire venue in teams because teamwork leads to a quick and systematic completion of the decoration.

They will form teams depending on the size of the venue and each team will be assigned the decoration of a certain area. This also makes decorations convenient for wedding planners.

5) Keeping a Track of Furniture and Centrepieces

If the furniture is included in the decoration, event planners will keep a track of the same with a list. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to maintain the same. Also, they will follow the checklist to ensure all decorative elements are right in place. Otherwise, arranging more of them at the last moment can get very difficult.

6) Cleaning Up the Garbage

After the decoration, the extra papers, cloth, flowers, etc. that are left scattered here and there are cleaned up by the wedding event managers in Sydney and Newcastle. This is done to make the venue look tidy.

The event planners clean a spot right after decorating it to save time.

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