Wedding Event Styling and Decor

How Professionals Decorate Various Wedding Events Creatively?

Styling a wedding ceremony creatively requires experience and might not be possible if you are trying to do it yourself. So, if you are in Sydney and are planning to stylise a wedding ceremony that’s just around the corner, we recommend that you get the job done by professionals because they know the right ways to stylise the ceremony without breaking the bank.

Now, let us delve into the ways in which they do the needful.

1) Keeping things Simple

If you are on a budget, the wedding event managers will beautify the event by keeping it simple. They will use simple backdrops and will use lots of flowers to decorate the location. In fact, keeping things simple is the core principle of the affordable wedding styling in Sydney because it makes the location look enticing.

2) Using Candles to Decorate the Wedding

Candles always give a special feel to a wedding ceremony. So, the wedding organisers always use lots of candles to make the location look attractive. Nowadays candles are available in different colours and when it comes to decorating the wedding, the organisers might use candles of varying colours to decorate the wedding ceremony.

3) Experimenting With Centrepieces

Inclusion of centrepieces is important to make a wedding ceremony look appealing, and many types of centrepieces can be used to decorate the tables. At present both conventional, as well as contemporary centrepieces, are available in the market. So, the event managers use centrepieces that suit the wedding best. Thus, to make sure that proper decorative elements are used, hire a wedding event styling and décor professional in Sydney today.

4) Decorating the Wedding with Hanging Lights

Hanging lights have always been one of the best ways to decorate a wedding event and the good thing is that there are plenty of lights to choose from that are specially designed to decorate wedding venues.

To make the venue look attractive professionals hang the lights from specific locations creatively. Some of the locations that they use for hanging the lights include the entry gate, trees, walkways, area around the backdrop and sometimes in the centre of the table as well.

5) Including Plants

Plants have always been an integral part of wedding styling and for this reason, the professionals providing the wedding styling services in Sydney use them so much.

The advantages of using plants are that they can be kept in pots and placed at certain places in the wedding venue. Moreover, using lights on the plants or the pots can make the place look really alluring.

6) Small Tables

Earlier, big tables at wedding venues were the style. But now, if you are on a budget, the professionals can use smaller tables that look equally good. Though these tables are meant for not more than 2 people, they can make the wedding venue look really attractive.

7) Photo Collages on the Walls

To grab the attention of the guests, photo collages of the bride and the wife to be on the wall is nowadays a hot trend, and the event managers can use this to stylise the ceremony.

They can use these collages on the backdrops too and decorate the borders with colourful lights to make the wall look fascinating.

Let the Experts Stylise your Wedding Venue

At A Royaale Event, we stylise all types of wedding ceremonies at affordable pricing. The decoration and stylisation will be taken care of by our experts. So, to get started with the decoration or to learn more about our wedding ceremony decoration packages in Sydney, give us a call now.