Bollywood Mandap

Some Gripping Bollywood Mandap Ideas at Affordable Price

The sky’s the limit when it comes to hiring Bollywood mandaps for weddings. You can opt for various out of this world mandaps for your wedding, which will take the celebrations and the aesthetics of your wedding ceremony to an altogether different level.

Here on this page, let us discuss some of the most exhilarating Bollywood mandaps to hire in Sydney that will leave your guests awe-struck.

Mandap with Royal Flavour

Royal mandaps are the new in-thing. Truly, the grandeur and the class they come up with will add an altogether new look and feel to your event. Generally, regardless of the colour and theme you choose for your event, these royal mandaps come with a lot of vibrance, and expansive props like draping curtains, a lot of flowers (real or realistically artificial) and various other eye catching value additions, which add semplance to the royal era, in a very innovative way. Indeed, these royal mandaps are something you can be proud of, at your wedding.

Mandap with Spring Vibe

Floral mandaps always have sensations. And now, new concepts have been introduced with the turn of the new decade. You can opt for natural seasonal flowers, the realistic, artificial flowers of various colour tinges and look & feel. And again, you can opt for the various styles and forms of canopy. There are floral canopies and arches, floral forests, those awe-inspiring hangings and those chic floral chandeliers….the list is practically endless. So the bollywood floral mandap in Sydney you opt for, will depend upon the theme of the party you opt for, and the shade and colour scheme you think about.

You can also opt for the ornate, Victorian style chaise canopy, the conventional floor seating and tinges of gold to back up the appeal it creates.

Mandap with a forest look and feel

If you are in love for greenery, there are these unique mandaps with sculpted Nordic forest look and feel. They offer a rather less glamorous look and feel, but it is this simplicity that is their USP. These mandaps come up with a class of altogether new levels, so much so that they add a classy look and feel to the celebrations.

Open air mandaps

These are the airier avatars of the Bollywood style mandaps, which you can opt for. Moreover, in most of the cases, these madaps come with a flower-rich look and feel, thus adding a floral splendour to the ceremony.

And the fact that they come without any side walls, except for the four to six pillars as supports to the canopies, makes them more suitable for ceremonies in the post COVID driven pandemic phase. This is regarded as one of the most affordable mandaps for wedding styling in Sydney that you can opt for.

Waterfront Mandaps

This is one of the most innovative mandaps that you can opt for, to add that unique tinge or effect of mirage in the celebration.

So these are some of the most exhilarating Bollywood mandaps that you can opt for. A Royaale Event is the best name to turn to, for such mandaps. Call us at 449966721 for details.