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A Few Wedding Centrepiece Ideas to Decorate Reception Tables

For decorating the reception tables at a wedding, you can hire wedding centrepieces at affordable rates. But since there is a wide range of centrepieces available in the market, choosing the right ones can quickly become challenging. But if you do some research, it will no more be difficult.

Anyway, today we will provide you with a few centrepiece design ideas that you can use for decorating the reception tables. So, let us see what they are.

Floral Centerpieces

These are the most common centrepieces that you can find in almost all weddings and any reputed company providing wedding centerpieces hire will show you these pieces as they are very popular at weddings.

These are traditional centerpieces that can be of varying lengths. But if you plan to hire these, choose the ones that go well with the reception tables.

You can either choose to go with the tall arrangements or the shorter ones depending on the size of the venue. The taller comprise different flowers that are tall and can quickly catch the attention of the guests. But if the area is small, it is better to choose the ones with small size and flowers of shorter length. Furthermore, the short arrangements are best for small tables as they take smaller space and the guests can keep wine glass or their belongings on the table.

Trendy Vases

Trendy vases have become popular at present and for this reason, many companies providing the table centrepiece hire are also recommending this item.

At present, you can find a wide array of vases that are made of glass and ceramic with a range of colours. Many vases are intricately designed that can immediately catch the attention of the guests.

You can even hire the gold and silver ones as they make the reception table look elegant. And if you want to try out something modern, you can take a look at the long transparent vessels that do not obstruct the view.

Plant-Based Centerpieces

This is a simple centrepiece design that can be categorized under the traditional design. However, they require space and are best for long tables.

An advantage of hiring the plant-based centrepieces is that they go well with all wedding themes. The plants give a beautiful green look that can instantly lift the moods of the guests in the ceremony.

Candle Based Centerpieces

Almost all companies that provide wedding decoration packages for hire include candles in their list and these can be easily used as centrepieces to decorate the reception tables.

These trendy candles give refined look and are best for setting up a romantic mood. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and can suit all types of tables.

These candles are also a popular choice for informal weddings.

Perfect Wedding Centrepieces for the Perfect Wedding

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